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Gluten Free Restaurant in Rochester, MN
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The Best of Gluten-Free Restaurants in Rochester, MN

Dedicated Gluten-Free Dining 



Twigs Tavern & Grille is the premier gluten-free restaurants in Rochester, Minnesota. Our dedication to providing a unique and safe gluten-free dining experience first began when owner Michelle Salz was diagnosed with celiac disease. As the lead person in menu-development for Twigs, Michelle needed to reinvent a way to continue to create wonderful dishes for Twigs. Instead of stepping back from her work at the restaurant, she took the restaurant in a new direction with the never-ending support of her staff. By adding a separate kitchen with dedicated utensils, preparation, and cooking appliances, Twigs Tavern & Grille creates a full menu of delicious gluten-free items.

Quality Cuisine for Celiac & Non-Celiac Patrons

Since adding our gluten-free kitchen, we pay close attention to our menu and only add new items when we can create a gluten-free version that doesn't sacrifice quality or flavor. By having two kitchen areas, you're able to enjoy your meal without the worry of cross contamination. In fact, we even have a separate fryer so that you can have peace of mind while you enjoy a nice order of hot fries. Contact us If you have any questions about our gluten-free dining. We're happy to serve you a delicious meal that you're remember.

Delicious Dining for the Whole Family

In Michelle’s family and extended family alone, there are five family members with celiac disease and two others with a gluten sensitivity or allergy. It is through careful research, management and staff training, and personal life experiences that Twigs is able to provide you with a relaxing dining experience where you can feel completely taken care of. Please contact us anytime if you have questions or concerns.

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Twigs Tavern

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