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Twigs Tavern & Grill in Rochester, MN
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Dining at Twigs Tavern and Grille

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A locally owned Rochester, MN restaurant.  Discover a unique and exciting dining experience in Rochester at Twigs Tavern & Grille. Located in the Centerstone Plaza Hotel Soldiers Field - Mayo Clinic Area, Twigs is a place where foodies and people with Celiac Disease or gluten sensitivity alike can relax and enjoy freshly prepared food with friends and family in our gluten free restaurant in Rochester, MN. From enjoying a new twist on a classic sandwich at lunch or sharing several small plates during evening cocktails, a social gathering around a Hot Rock, or a romantic dinner for two, you'll find that our restaurant serves a fantastic selection of delectable dishes for a truly memorable dining experience.

Our Award-Winning Menu

Start your evening off by ordering from our great selection of small plates. Inspired by the tapas of Spain, our entire menu is designed for easy sampling and sharing. Choose a couple of small plates at a time and, when you’re ready, order more. If you want to make your entire meal numerous small plates, go right ahead. Just like the Rock, the entrees are fun to share as well. This is your dining experience. Customize it as you see fit. Combining ethnic influences with the finest ingredients, our diverse menu features new spins on traditional meals.

Gluten-Free Dining

When Twigs owner, Michelle Salz, was diagnosed with celiac disease, we decided to add a truly gluten-free menu to Twigs. We take every precaution to avoid cross contamination. Our staff has been extensively trained and we have specific gluten-free storage and preparation surfaces. We have redesigned our kitchen so we can cook your gluten-free meal in a completely different area with dedicated appliances. Our expansive gluten-free menu assures you a dining experience with an array of delectable options.

Quality Ingredients Make a Difference

In addition to providing a warm and welcoming place where you can relax over a delicious meal, Twigs Tavern & Grille is dedicated to creating innovative dishes made from the freshest ingredients available. Our dedication to quality has led us to search for the most reliable suppliers that provide us with quality ingredients time after time. In order to meet our high standards, we are proud to exclusively serve Babcock pork. Babcock is known for providing humanely raised sows that lived in large groups where they were able to move and socialize freely and are never given growth stimulants or hormones. With the humane treatment of the sows and the attention to their health, Babcock pork is a superior tasting product whose natural flavors are brought out with natural cooking techniques rather than chemical tenderizers.

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Twigs Tavern

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