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Downtown Rochester, MN
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Mayo Clinic Historical Buildings
and Tours

Mayo Clinic Rochester

Mayo Clinic and Gonda Building

The Mayo Clinic Rochester, Minnesota complex consists of many buildings including the Mayo Clinic Building, Gonda Building, Plummer Building, Rochester Methodist Hospital, Mayo Medical School, Harwick Building, Hilton Building, Guggenheim Building, and the Siebens Building. The Mayo Clinic Rochester Building houses most of the doctor's offices and employs more than 1,600 physicians and research scientists that are assisted by more than 22,000 allied health staff of every kind. The Plummer Building is connected to all Mayo Clinic buildings downtown to carry medical records back and forth. The Gonda building is the newest addition to the Mayo Clinic Complex. It opened in 2001 and will primarily house outpatient services but will be adaptable for other uses. The Gonda Building, located at the heart of the downtown Rochester campus, opened in October 2001. It is the centerpiece of the most extensive building program in Mayo Clinic history. The 20-story building is linked with the Mayo Building and the Charlton Building of Rochester Methodist Hospital, forming the largest interconnected medical facility of its kind in the world, more than 3.5 million square feet. Many tour options are available.

2 min/.43 miles from Centerstone Plaza Hotel Soldiers Field - Mayo Clinic Area

Methodist Hospital Rochester, MN

Methodist Hospital

In the heart of the Mayo campus in downtown Rochester Rochester Methodist Hospital is one of two Mayo Clinic hospitals in Rochester. It contains 794 licensed beds and 36 operating rooms. Rochester Methodist Hospital provides a broad range of services in most medical specialties.

2 min/.6 miles from Centerstone Plaza Hotel Soldiers Field - Mayo Clinic Area

St. Marys Hospital in Rochester, MN

St. Marys Hospital

St. Mary’s Hospital was built in 1889 with several additions since then. It opened with 27 beds, 1 operating room, and a staff that consisted of 5 sisters and 3 doctors. Today it employs 3,000 people, has 1,157 beds, 59 operating rooms, 28,208 surgical cases per year, 40,016 admissions, and an average length of stay is 6.1 days. St. Mary’s is one of the world’s largest, private nonprofit hospitals. 

3 min/1.0 miles from Centerstone Plaza Hotel Soldiers Field - Mayo Clinic Area

The Charlton Building in Rochester

Charlton Building

The Charlton Building is a part of Methodist Hospital where the majority of the laboratory work is done, it also houses the OBGYN Clinic and Sports Medicine. 

2 min/.56 miles from Centerstone Plaza Hotel Soldiers Field - Mayo Clinic Area

The Mayowood Mansion

Mayowood Mansion

Mayowood was built between 1910-1911 by Dr. Charles Horace Mayo. He co-founded the Mayo Clinic along with his father and his brother Will. Doctor Charlie and his wife, Edith, raised 8 children at Mayowood. Tours available.

9 min/ 3.86 miles from Centerstone Plaza Hotel Soldiers Field - Mayo Clinic Area 

Rochester, MN Plummer House

Plummer House

The Plummer House is located in an area known as “Pill Hill”. Over 300 feet long and 5 stories high, The Plummer House has 49 rooms including 10 bathrooms, 9 bedrooms, and 5 fireplaces. Other noteworthy features throughout the house include 11-foot ceilings, leaded glass windows designed in the Tudor arch motif, and beautiful wood paneled walls. Tours available.

3 min/1 mile from Centerstone Plaza Hotel Soldiers Field - Mayo Clinic Area

Rochester, MN Plummer Building

Plummer Building

The building is named for Dr. Henry Plummer, widely-regarded as the Architect of the Mayo Group Practice. He joined the Mayo in 1901 and designed many of the systems that gave rise to the group practice concept that has become so successful. The main library reading room on the 12th floor is called Mayo Hall. Dr. Plummer selected sixty prominent physicians and scientists to be memorialized with their names engraved in the room's ceiling beams. The Plummer Building was the tallest building in Rochester from 1929 until completion of the Gonda Building in 2001. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1969. The first two stories of the building are made of limestone, while the upper ones are made of brick with terra cotta trim. The tower holds a 56-bell carillon, enlarged in 1977 from the original 23-bell carillon dedicated on 16 September 1928.

2 min/.6 miles from Centerstone Plaza Hotel Soldiers Field - Mayo Clinic Area

Centerstone Plaza Hotel

Soldiers Field

Mayo Clinic Area

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